Join the Ashram Family. Here are some of our most talked about activities.

  • Guidance on Meditation and Philosophy of Life.
  • Moral and spiritual regeneration.
  • Visit homes and hospitals on request. Giving solace to the bereaved.
  • Conduct classes in Hindu Heritage and Philosophy, Language, Music, Drama and Classical Indian Dances.
  • Every Sunday, children participate in Havan, Arati, Bhajan and are trained in temple activities at the Ashram.
  • Provide Priests for Ceremonial Rites.
  • Arrange lectures on Hinduism and its philosophy and other Cultural programmes.
  • Publish and distribute books on Hindu Religion.
  • Horizon Interfaith activities. Expound the philosophy of Hinduism on Interfaith TV programmes.
  • Working with youths on Cultural Events. Helping our youths to identify themselves with their Heritage and Culture.
  • Television Program. "Reflections of Hinduism" on Vision Television - ZoomerMedia. Every Saturday from 10:00am to 10:30am.